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Can Dogs Eat Rice?

Can Dogs Eat Rice?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: Though it’s generally okay for your dog to eat rice, choose to feed him brown rice over white rice. Brown rice is a whole grain that contains high amounts of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Meanwhile, white rice is a refined grain that has gone through a more rigorous process. Its bran and germ has been removed, making it less nutritious than brown rice.

There are some instances in which feeding white rice is encouraged. Some vets recommend letting your dog eat white rice with boiled chicken when he’s experiencing stomach problems such as gas, constipation, or vomiting.      

How to feed rice to your dog: Rinse the rice grains before cooking them. Boil the right amount of rice with clean water. Refrain from including cooking oils, condiments, or seasonings to add flavour to your rice. Serve it to your dog warm or cold, but always cooked. Try different meats and veggies to go with the rice, and see which one your dog enjoys eating the most. 

Here are three ideas for rice treats your dog will love:

  1. Go for this nutritious meal made of brown rice, ground chicken, and veggies!
  2. Relieve your pup’s upset stomach with a trusty bowl of boiled white rice and unflavoured cooked chicken chopped into small chunks. 
  3. Try this easy beef and veggie meal using a slow cooker.

In summary: Your dog can enjoy a satisfying bowl of cooked brown or white rice to complement his daily dose of protein and vegetables. Manganese, magnesium, and niacin are just some of the minerals and nutrients he can get from eating this filling grain. 

Speak to your veterinarian before including rice in your dog’s regular meals. You want to make sure that it’ll benefit his body in the long run.


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