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Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

Can Dogs Eat Oranges?

The short answer: Yes, but only in moderation.

The long answer: Your dog will benefit from eating oranges because of the high vitamin C content that’s great for his immune system. Be sure to offer your little pooch oranges in moderation (keep that sugar intake in check!) and without the seeds or rind.

How to feed oranges to your dog: Peel off the rind and dispose carefully. Even though the rind has concentrated levels of vitamin C, it will be difficult for your pooch to digest. Before feeding your dog, pick out the seeds to prevent choking. A small dog should only be fed one or two segments of a medium-sized orange, while a bigger dog can eat half of the fruit. However, refrain from feeding oranges to a diabetic dog to prevent increase in blood sugar levels.

Here are three ideas for orange treats your dog will love:

  1. A delicious tray of biscuits made from orange and cranberry will make his tail wag. 
  2. Freshen your pooch’s breath by feeding him a combination of orange and mint juice.
  3. Give your dog a sweet, citrus blast by treating him to a few pieces of sliced oranges and pineapples.

In summary: The flesh and pith of oranges will enhance your dog’s taste buds and introduce him to the wonders of citrus eats. When eaten in appropriate quantities, it can provide your dog’s body with potassium, thiamine, folate, and vitamin C.

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Can dogs eat oranges?
Can dogs eat grapes or oranges?

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