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Can Dogs Eat Mangoes?

Can Dogs Eat Mangoes?

The short answer: Yes.

The long answer: A mango’s fleshy parts are safe for dog consumption. Usually served ripe, it is a sweet and nutritious tropical fruit packed with fiber and vitamins.

How to feed mangoes to your dog: Peel off the skin, remove the pit, and slice the flesh into smaller chunks that your pet can easily consume. Don’t leave the skin behind or it would be harder for your dog to digest the flesh. Make absolutely sure to remove the seed, as it’s a choking hazard. The hard mango pit also contains small amounts of poisonous cyanide, which can upset your dog’s digestive system.

Here are three ideas for mango treats your dog will love:

  1. Bake your dog a tray of sweet and salty mango-cheese biscuits.
  2. Combine pureed mango and coconut water in an ice tray and serve them as frozen post-run refreshments!
  3. Mangoes can also be mixed with chicken, oats, and flour to create a batch of sweet and savory cookies.

In summary: Share a slice of your plump ripe mango with your dog! Just make sure to keep an eye on him as he eats it, and feed him in moderation so he doesn’t get used to the taste of the sweet treat. Discover which other fruits dogs can enjoy in our “can dogs eat” category.

Human Food for Dogs: Can Dogs Eat Mango?
Can Dogs Eat Mango: Is This Fruit Good for Your Pup?

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