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Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

It is not recommended for dogs to eat hummus because of potentially harmful ingredients.

Hummus is a dip, spread, or savory dish that originated from the Middle East. It is made up of cooked, mashed chickpeas, which are blended with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic. Cooked chickpeas are safe for dogs to eat as long as they are prepared properly without spices and seasonings. However, the dangerous ingredients found in hummus are lemon and garlic. 

Because of the psoralen compounds and essential oils found in lemon, its juice may give your dog an upset stomach. Symptoms include vomiting, nausea (lip licking and exaggerated swallowing), diarrhea, muscle tremors, inability to walk or stand, drooling, and rashes in the groin area. 

Garlic, on the other hand, contains the toxic compound N-propyl disulfide. Consumption may cause gastrointestinal distress and the breakdown of red blood cells. It may even cause drooling, nausea, lethargy, weakness, vomiting, pale gums, increased heart rate, incoordination, labored breathing, discolored urine, and abdominal pain. 

What to do if your dog accidentally eats hummus: If your dog ate store-bought hummus, review the ingredients list on the label. Visit your veterinarian immediately if the hummus he consumed contains any toxic ingredients.

In summary: Though it’s tempting to make your dog try a lick of hummus, it’s best not to make him get used to the taste since you won’t really know how much garlic or lemon juice a recipe really contains. If you really want to give him hummus, stick to a homemade, unflavoured one that does not have harmful ingredients. 

Check out our “can dogs eat” category to find more human food your canine can safely eat. 


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Can Dogs Eat Hummus?

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