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Can Dogs Eat Hard Boiled Eggs?

Can Dogs Eat Hard Boiled Eggs?

Yes, dogs can eat hard boiled eggs.

Cooked eggs are a great source of fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and protein. From the white eggshells down to the yellowish yolk, adult dogs as well as puppies can benefit from eating hard boiled eggs. These provide essential nutrients that can aid in metabolism, immune function, muscle building and maintenance, growth, and overall development. 

How to feed hard boiled eggs to your dog: Store your eggs in the refrigerator to prevent bacteria from spreading. Boil the egg in water at 160°F (about 71°C) for about 10 minutes without any seasoning. Salt is a dangerous condiment that should not be used to flavour your dog’s hard boiled eggs. Let the hard boiled egg cool before feeding it to your dog. 

Here are three ideas for hard boiled treats your dog will love:

  1. Chop your hard boiled egg into smaller pieces and place them over your pup’s meal. 
  2. Try this Thanksgiving-inspired dog food with hard boiled eggs and turkey.
  3. Let him eat the egg with the shell on (but let it cool first!) or crush the shell and slice the egg into pieces.

In summary: Hard boiled eggs can be safely fed to your dog. But first, consult with your veterinarian to find out how much unflavoured cooked eggs he can consume. This will be dependent on his size, age, activity level, and existing health issues. Feeding him too many hard boiled eggs may lead to obesity. 

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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?

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