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Can Dogs Eat Corn?

Can Dogs Eat Corn?

The short answer: Yes and no.

The long answer: Corn contains vitamins, potassium, and folic acid that are all good for your best friend. Dogs can enjoy grilled or boiled corn kernels, but not when they’re slathered with butter, salt, oil, or any other artificial seasoning. Dogs shouldn’t be allowed to munch on the cob, a hard center that could cause blockage to their airway or intestinal passage. Smaller dogs can also choke on the kernels themselves, so they should be monitored closely when they eat this grain.

How to feed corn to your dog: Wash the corn, remove its leaves and tassels, cook it whichever way you like without flavouring, then take the kernels off the cob before serving them to your dog.

Here are three ideas for corn treats your dog will love:

  1. Try baking a corn-based cake for your pup’s first birthday!
  2. Feed a tablespoon of warm mashed corn to your dog and watch how he reacts to it.
  3. Mix cooked corn with ground chicken and serve the dish as a filling snack.

In summary: When served in small and sparse amounts, unflavoured corn kernels can be a welcome addition to your dog’s diet. Aside from eating cooked corn, discover which human food dogs can safely eat in our “can dogs eat” category.


Food dogs should not eat and some they should

What You Should Know About Feeding Your Dog Corn

Can Dogs Eat Corn: A Guide To Corn Cobs and Corn Kernels For Dogs

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