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Are Pineapple Plants Toxic to Dogs?

Are Pineapple Plants Toxic to Dogs?

No, pineapple plants are non-toxic to dogs.

Pineapple plants are classified under the Bromeliaceae family and Ananas genus. This plant is native to South America, but has been commercially grown in many tropical environments. Scientifically called Ananas comosus, the shrub bears edible fruits of the same name. Wikipedia states that A. comosus ‘Variegatus’ is typically grown as an ornamental houseplant.   

Dogs can actually eat freshly sliced pineapples in moderation. Similar to its edible fruit, there are no poisonous compounds found in pineapple plants. This makes it a safe houseplant to grow around dogs. However, you should always keep an eye on him whenever he’s around it. 

What to do if your dog accidentally comes into contact with, chews, or eats pineapple plants: Though the plant is non-toxic, accidents may occur if your dog bites or eats the plant. Since the fruit has a sharp exterior and a tough crown, it may hurt your pet. If he attempts to chew on it, the plant could cause dental issues, mouth injury, airway blockage, and/or intestinal obstruction. Gastrointestinal upset can also occur since the plant’s rubbery leaves and hard core are difficult to digest.

Contact your veterinarian and share your observations about your pooch. He may need to visit the emergency animal clinic if his symptoms persist. 

In summary: Pineapple plants are technically non-toxic to dogs, but there are some risks to growing them. To be on the safe side, keep pineapple plants away from curious pets that like to gnaw. 

Be a responsible dog owner. Keep your pooch safe by checking these lists from ASPCA, Pet Poison Helpline, and PetMD before bringing home a new houseplant or growing one in your backyard. 


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