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Cat Adoption Foundation Inc.

About the shelter

Founded by Sayla Kimber, Trish Pengilly, Kathryn Musolino, Nadine Gurney, Nikki Mazzone, Desiree Gearing, Rob Everett, and Sam Brincat in September 2015, Cat Adoption Foundation (CAF) Inc. is a foster care network that rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes cats and kittens in need.

It is a non-profit group run by dedicated volunteers who offer their free time to help abused, abandoned, and unwanted cats within South Australia. As a charity, CAF does not get any form of funding from the government. Instead, they rely exclusively on the community’s generous donations as well as fundraising events. The feline creatures under their care undergo microchipping, desexing, parasite treating, and vaccinating before they are rehomed to loving foster carers. All these medical costs are tucked into the cat’s adoption fee, in case you find yourself wanting to provide a permanent home for one of these furry felines.

Following the no-kill philosophy, the members of Cat Adoption Foundation help spread this viewpoint by sharing information to the public and living as compassionate cat owners and rescue volunteers. Volunteers are considered the lifeblood of the foundation, and any kind of help is welcome. Kitty cabbies, adoption day assistants, administration volunteers, Photoshop assistants, and foster carers are just some of the roles that are needed to be filled at CAF on a regular basis. Applicants do not need any prior experience or fixed hours to become a volunteer.


  • The Cat Adoption Foundation’s main objective is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cats in the South Australia region whether they are lost, abandoned, or their owner has passed away.
  • The organisation works closely with their community, spreading awareness about the need and benefits of cat adoption.

How you can help

Cat Adoption Foundation Inc. always has cats and kittens waiting for you to take them home. Most of the cats under CAF’s care have been fostered with other cats, dogs, and even children, which would make it a lot easier for you to find the right cat for your situation. Once you have decided that you want to adopt a rescue cat, you may refer to CAF’s Adopt page.

Since CAF operates without government funding, the charity is in need of your support through monetary and in-kind donations (such as food, litter, and other basic needs), which can be of great help in saving these cats’ lives.




PO Box 229 Kent Town, SA 5071


61 4-04032650

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