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Animal Welfare League

About the shelter

Based in South Australia, the Animal Welfare League (AWL) is an animal welfare and service provider known as the pioneer of rescue and fostering service in its region. The foundation started in 1964 and primarily looks after cats and dogs.

It has grown to have various animal shelters across the state, with the largest one in South Australia founded in Wingfield. Besides rescuing cats and dogs, the foundation also provides services such as cremation, training, microchipping, and grooming for cats and dogs.

Caring for over 12,000 cats and dogs every year, the AWL website has a special page for adoption where prospective parents can find the perfect companion based on the type, size, age, and gender they prefer. Meanwhile, the Lost and Found section caters to people who have lost their pet (and are asking for help to find them) as well as for people who have found abandoned animals and want to leave them at the shelter.

The organisation and its people are optimistic, reliable, adaptable, and resilient in their duties, always ensuring that the animals in their shelters enjoy the best lives possible. While the animals are at the AWL shelters, they are serviced with top care facilities to keep them healthy and pampered.


  • With a vision of bringing people and animals together, AWL hopes to create a loving community that embraces pets. The foundation works towards educating people on how to become responsible pet owners.
  • It also focuses on lost and abandoned animals, aiming to reunite them with their families or find them well-matched forever homes.

How you can help

You can help Animal Welfare League SA in multiple ways! Buy items from any of their reTAILS stores (100% of the earnings go to the animals), join or host one of their fundraising activities, or volunteer at any of the eight shelters. But the best contribution you can offer is by being a rescue parent!




1-19 Cormack Road, Wingfield, SA 5013


61 8-83481300

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