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Can You Adopt a Dog When You Have a Cat?

Here at Waldo’s Friends, we love sharing heartwarming rescue stories that involve animals finding their furever homes. While every rescue tale is special, we have a soft spot for adopters who welcome different animal species—specifically cats and dogs—into their homes because it reminds us of how Salsa and Waldo came together and eventually became fur siblings.  If… Continue reading Can You Adopt a Dog When You Have a Cat?

no-kill animal shelter

No-Kill Animal Shelter

“Each and every animal on earth has as much right to be here as you and me.” —A.D Williams This quote sums up the mission statement of any legitimate no-kill animal shelter in existence today. But, what exactly is a no-kill animal shelter? A no-kill animal shelter is an animal rescue shelter that doesn’t euthanise healthy… Continue reading No-Kill Animal Shelter