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Is Old Spice Cruelty Free?

The short answer: No, Old Spice is not cruelty free. The long answer: Old Spice is an American brand that has been selling male grooming products as early as 1937. It is known for its deodorants and antiperspirants, but has expanded its range to sell grooming products such as shampoos, body washes, and soaps. It… Continue reading Is Old Spice Cruelty Free?

How to Help Remove Fleas on Your Cat

Fleas are tiny bugs that move around by jumping from place to place. They can leap onto the coat of your cat, making her skin itchy and sore. Though cats are known to self-groom fastidiously, they won’t always be able to remove these pesky creatures by themselves. That’s where you come in as a helpful… Continue reading How to Help Remove Fleas on Your Cat

How to Deal with Cat Eye Problems

Cats have beautiful, haunting eyes that allow them to clearly see in the dark. But when your cat’s eyes appear red, swollen, or something gooey is keeping them shut, there is definitely something wrong. More importantly, something must be done to help your cat because the eye problem may lead to irreparable consequences.  As a… Continue reading How to Deal with Cat Eye Problems