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Is Leveque Organics Cruelty Free?

Is Leveque Organics Cruelty Free?

Yes, Leveque Organics is cruelty free.

Leveque Organics sells artisan skin care products for men and women. Their hand sanitizers, natural deodorants, and body care lines are made without parabens, sulphates, artificial colours, artificial fragrances, and petrochemicals. Instead, they are packed with pure certified organic ingredients such as organic Kakadu plum, shea butter, and prickly pear.

Founded by Julie Boundy, this Australian brand has received animal-friendly accreditation from Choose Cruelty Free. On their FAQs page, they write, “No, our products are NOT tested on animals, we believe in animal conservation and have accreditation by Choose Cruelty Free Limited.”

Support Leveque Organics by buying products from their website. You can also discover more cruelty free brands from our blog


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