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Is Kester Black Cruelty Free?

Is Kester Black Cruelty Free?

The short answer: Yes, Kester Black is cruelty free.

The long answer: Back in 2009, Anna Ross formed Kester Black in Melbourne, Australia. The brand manufactures lipstick, eyeliner, and nail polish all the way from the European Union to guarantee that these products do not contain any of 1,400 banned cosmetic ingredients. 

To certify that their products are ethically produced using only the finest ingredients, Kester Black has voluntarily undergone accreditation from trusted organisations including Choose Cruelty Free. On their FAQs page, you’ll find their comprehensive list with an accompanying explanation for each certification:

“B Corporation Certified – Being B-Corp certified means that we meet the most rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. So while we love creating beautiful things, we also believe in being a fierce force for good; balancing profit and purpose.

Halal Certified – Because everyone should be able to enjoy wearing nail polish, we developed a formula that’s breathable and water-permeable, allowing water and air to reach the nail bed. To seal the deal, we acquired our Halal certification so that our Muslim sisters can have confidence in choosing a glam, guilt-free product.

Vegan Certified – All Kester Black products are 100% vegan. That means none of them have been tested on animals or contain animal derived ingredients. Just look for the green ‘V’ trademark tick! We’ve gained this accreditation through The Vegan Society; something we’re very proud of.

Cruelty Free Certified – All of our products are certified cruelty-free, by Cruelty Free International, meeting the world’s most rigorous ethical standards. This means they have never, and will never, be tested on animals or contain any animal-derived ingredients. If our furry friends could, they’d be singing our praises.

Certified Carbon Neutral – Kester Black is 100% carbon neutral as accredited by The Carbon Reduction Institute. We’ve taken a good, mum-look at our business emissions and offset them by purchasing carbon credits. Because carbon footprints are so ‘90s.”

Help promote Kester Black’s cruelty free stance by buying their products here. You can also discover other cruelty free brands from our blog


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