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Is Eco Minerals Cruelty Free?

Is Eco Minerals Cruelty Free?

The short answer: Yes, Eco Minerals is cruelty free.

The long answer: Ethically sourced and handmade in Byron Bay, Australia, Eco Minerals was founded by friends Lulu Starman and Amber Handley back in 2007. Their goal was to create cosmetics made from all-natural minerals. The four main ingredients found in their products are zinc oxide (to calm skin), iron oxide (to give pigment), titanium dioxide (for sun protection and coverage), and mica (for a beautiful finish and texture).

Eco Minerals prides themselves in manufacturing products that are both vegan and cruelty free. They explained the distinction by posting

“Vegan refers to ingredients, not production or testing. It means a product doesn’t contain any animal products or ingredients.

Cruelty-free refers to production and testing, not ingredients. It means the ingredients and the final product haven’t been tested on animals. So a vegan product might not be cruelty-free (and vice versa). 

Eco Minerals products are both vegan and cruelty-free. Our products are pure, 100% natural, safe, and healthy for your skin and our furry friends as well.” 

The brand has a cruelty free certification from both Choose Cruelty Free (which is now a part of  the Leaping Bunny program) and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Buy products from the official website to support their vegan, cruelty free stance. You can also discover other cruelty free brands from our blog


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PETA: Eco Minerals

Photo courtesy of Eco Minerals

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