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Is Coppertone Cruelty Free?

Is Coppertone Cruelty Free?

The short answer: No, Coppertone is not cruelty free.

The long answer: Coppertone is an American sunscreen brand that was founded in 1944. It originally manufactured lotion to darken tans, and later on gained popularity by selling sun care products. To date, it sells a wide range of sun care products in various formats (lotion, spray, stick, and whipped) geared for different age groups and activities. 

The sun care brand has been owned by various companies over the years. Previously owned by Bayer, Coppertone was sold to German multinational company Beiersdorf Global AG in 2019. This company is known for manufacturing and distributing skin care brands Nivea and Aquaphor.  

At present, Coppertone does not reveal its stance on animal testing on its official website. Upon closer inspection, Beiersdorf’s website states that Coppertone is sold in China. This Asian country is known for conducting tests on animals to guarantee consumer safety. This is done before and possibly after the products are released in the market. Coppertone must agree to the country’s testing policies so that its products can be sold there. As such, the sun care brand cannot be considered cruelty free.  


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