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Is Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

Is Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Cruelty Free?

The short answer: No, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is not cruelty free.

The long answer: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was established in 1991 by American professional makeup artist, Bobbi Brown. Acquired by the Estée Lauder Companies in 1995, the brand is currently being sold in 100 freestanding stores in over 73 countries. 

On its official website, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics answers the question, “Do you test on animals?” Their response reveals that they prioritise the safety of their customers, saying, “We utilize the latest advances in non-animal safety testing and human volunteer testing to deliver products of the highest safety and quality to our consumers. We do not test our products or ingredients on animals, or ask others to test on our behalf, except where required by law.”

The phrase “except where required by law” reveals that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics allows governments with mandatory import laws to conduct product testing on animals, so that their items can be sold in that particular country. The government or approved third parties can also choose to conduct tests even after the products have entered the market. A quick search reveals that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics is currently being sold in China, just like its sister brands M·A·C Cosmetics and Clinique. As such, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics cannot claim to be cruelty free. 


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