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Can Dogs Eat Tuna?

Can Dogs Eat Tuna?

The short answer: No.

The long answer: Tuna is a type of fish that lives longer compared to other fish, leading it to store high levels of mercury and metals in its body. Feeding tuna to your dog might lead to mercury poisoning, which can damage to his nervous system, cardiovascular system, and digestive system.

Consumed in its raw form, tuna may also contain parasites that can cause fever, vomiting, swollen lymph nodes, or even death. This raw fish may also have bones that are hard to see and take out. These might tear your dog’s throat lining as he eats the uncooked fish.

Feeding canned tuna to your dog can also present health problems. Canned tuna in oil may have sauces, spices, and herbs that are dangerous for your dog, while canned tuna in water may be high in salt. Letting him eat canned tuna on a regular basis might cause weight gain, pancreatitis, and/or bloating

What to do if your dog accidentally eats tuna: Symptoms of mercury poisoning does not manifest immediately, but watch for common symptoms in your dog such as anxiety, vomiting, bleeding, and watery stool. Let your veterinarian know about how much tuna your dog has consumed, so that he can recommend the best course of action. Tests may be done depending on the gravity of the situation. 

In summary: Though tuna is a lean protein packed with vitamin B and omega-3 fatty acids, it’s best to keep your dog away from it, whether it is in its raw, cooked, or canned form. You would be more at ease knowing that your dog isn’t consuming something that may have high levels or mercury, parasites, or other harmful ingredients. Instead of tuna, discover which other meat dogs can safely eat in our “can dogs eat” category.


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