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Can Dogs Eat Soy Protein?

Can Dogs Eat Soy Protein?

Dogs can eat soy protein depending on their health conditions.

Soy protein is derived from soybeans that have been dehulled, defatted, and processed. It is used in a variety of food such as meat and dairy replacements, salad dressings, breakfast cereals, and even pet food. This plant-based protein can come in many forms such as powder, capsule, and tablet.

Soy is known for having isoflavones that can protect humans against cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and hormone-dependent cancer. When it comes to dogs, soy protein can be fed in regulated amounts to help with their weight, cancer, metabolic diseases, and/or hormone-related conditions. 

Despite its benefits, not all canines can be given soy protein. Dogs with sensitive stomachs, pregnant or nursing dogs, dogs allergic or intolerant to soy, and dogs with thyroid, liver, or kidney disease should not be given this vegetable-based protein. 

How to feed soy protein to your dog: Soy protein may be given as is. But if your dog’s stomach cannot handle it, you can try mixing it with his food or give it after he has eaten. The amount and frequency of soy protein you give to your canine must be approved by your veterinarian. 

When feeding him soy protein for the first time, give him a small amount and observe him for signs of soy allergy. This may manifest as vomiting, diarrhea, ear infection, obsessive licking, and hair loss.

In summary: High in essential amino acids, soy protein is a good addition to your pet’s diet. You can give it to your pooch as long as he is not allergic to soy and does not have any conditions that may become aggravated by it. Discover which other vegan-friendly food you can give to your dog through our “can dogs eat” category.


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