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Can Dogs Eat Ham Bones?

Can Dogs Eat Ham Bones?

The short answer: No.

The long answer: Though it may be tempting to treat your dog to a ham bone, it is not something dogs should eat. First off, ham is processed pork meat that is preserved and flavoured using salt. Too much of this condiment can cause sodium ion poisoning or extreme dehydration in dogs. Ham is also high in fat, which may cause obesity, heart disease, and pancreatitis when repeatedly fed to your dog. 

Similar to chicken bones and rib bones, ham bones should not be fed to your dog whether they are raw or cooked. Harmful bacteria may be present in the raw ham bones that you give him. Meanwhile, cooked ham bones are known to break easily. These sharp, broken pieces may cause obstruction or injury to your dog’s mouth, teeth, jaw, throat, stomach, and intestine. 

What to do if your dog accidentally eats ham bones: Try to find out how many pieces your dog ate and how big the bones were. Observe him for any changes in the next 24 hours. If he shows trouble breathing, coughing, gagging, drooling, and/or looks distressed,  bring him to the vet immediately. There may be something blocking his airway. Similarly, take him to the emergency clinic if he starts vomiting, becomes lethargic, loses his appetite, has dark-coloured stool, and shows difficulty in defecating.

In summary: Raw and cooked ham bones should never be given to your dog as a treat or meal. Whenever you prepare ham bones in the kitchen, be sure to properly dispose of them to prevent your pooch from accidentally getting his paws on them.   


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