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Can Dogs Eat Ginger?

Can Dogs Eat Ginger?

The short answer: Yes, but in limited quantities.

The long answer: Ginger is a tropical root that can be fed to your dog in limited portions. Before it became a popular spice for cooking, it was used for medicinal purposes by Eastern and Western herbalists for thousands of years. 

Fresh ginger is packed with vitamins B3, B6, and C, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, and zinc. It is said to prevent nausea and vomiting, normalising the body’s gastric function and improving digestion. If your dog consumes the right amount of ginger, the root can help enhance stomach motility and prevent gastric bloating. It can also assist in the treatment of motion sickness, heartworm, arthritis, and cardiovascular diseases.

How to feed ginger to your dog: Control your dog’s intake of raw ginger by limiting it to ¼ teaspoon for miniature breeds, ½ teaspoon for dogs under 35 pounds, and ¾ teaspoon for larger dogs. Anything more than that might cause nausea, gas, or heartburn. Wash the root, remove the skin, and finely mince the yellow part. Give your dog a small piece and see how he reacts to it before serving him ginger regularly. 

Aside from raw ginger, you can let him consume other forms such as powdered ginger, tea, capsules, tablets, and tinctures. Just make sure to follow the recommended daily intake as prescribed by your vet.

Here are three ideas for ginger treats your dog will love:

1) Your pooch will love the smell of these dog-friendly gingerbread cookies.

2) Sprinkle a teaspoonful over his dog food for that extra zing! 

3) Bake ginger bone treats for your good boy. 

In summary: Ginger is an anti-inflammatory vegetable that can be safely fed to your dog in small doses. Aside from helping alleviate your dog’s digestive, circulatory, and skeletal system, the slightly sweet yet peppery root can provide him with essential vitamins and minerals. Aside from ginger, discover which other vegetables dogs can safely eat in our “can dogs eat” category.


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