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Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

The short answer: Yes, but in moderation.

The long answer: Edamame is a preparation style of immature vegetable-type soybeans that are found in pods. Usually boiled or steamed, edamame beans are served with salt, soy sauce, chili paste, garlic, or other condiments. Edamame can be safely eaten by your dog on its own. The soybeans are packed with omega-3, calcium, and vitamin C, which will help reduce the chances of him getting diabetes and becoming obese. Frequent feeding can also result in your dog having beautiful skin and coat. 

How to feed edamame to your dog: Boil, steam, and pan fry them with water, or microwave them for a few minutes. Remove the beans in the pod before serving them to your dog. Crush them into smaller pieces to prevent choking. 

Do not give salted edamame to your pet or it will cause poisoning. Also, refrain from serving frozen edamame mixed with other vegetables because they might contain harmful ingredients (such as garlic and onion) for your pooch. 

Here are three ideas for edamame treats your dog will love:

  1. Mash and place them in the freezer, then serve as a frozen snack.
  2. Add edamame in his homemade dog food for some extra crunch. 
  3. Boil a few pieces and directly feed it to your dog by hand to replace dog treats. 

In summary: Edamame beans are a great source of polyunsaturated fats. When taken in moderation, edamame can help lower your dog’s bad cholesterol, improve his heart conditions, and maintain his weight. Some dogs may be allergic to soy, so be sure to check with your veterinarian if it’s okay to feed your pet edamame. Aside from edamame, discover which other vegetables dogs can safely eat in our “can dogs eat” category.  


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Can My Dog Eat Edamame?

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