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Can Dogs Eat Cashews?

Can Dogs Eat Cashews?

The short answer: Yes, but only very small amounts.

The long answer: Cashews are one of the few nut varieties that dogs can safely consume. They are great sources of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, and are known to improve blood pressure. Since cashews are also high in protein and fat (which can lead to obesity), they should only be served occasionally to your dog in very limited quantities. 

If it is your dog’s first time to eat cashews, let him try a small piece and see if he exhibits an allergic reaction to it. Watch for itching, sneezing, hot spots, skin rashes or pigmentation, red eyes or discharge, hair loss, and ear infection. If your dog is known to have a sensitive stomach or is prone to pancreatitis and/or bladder stones, you should refrain from giving him cashews. Feeding him this nut might cause him to vomit, experience discomfort, or have diarrhea.  

How to feed cashews to your dog: Following the 10% rule, a 20-pound pooch can have three to four pieces of cashew per day. Only give a few pieces of fresh, roasted, and unsalted cashews to your dog. Never give him sugared, salted, or flavoured cashews, as well as cashews from a mixed bag since other nuts considered toxic for him might be included in the same pack. Carefully inspect the cashews to make sure they have no molds that may result in liver failure.

Here are three ideas for cashew treats your dog will love:

  1. Lightly roast some freshly bought cashews and serve them to your dog.
  2. Replace peanut butter with cashew butter for this dog-friendly banana ice cream!  
  3. Crush a few cashews and sprinkle them over your dog’s meal for some added texture. 

In summary: Cashews can strengthen your dog’s bones and teeth, promote healthy skin and coat, and ease degenerative conditions. As long as he eats it in moderation, your dog can gain the vitamins and minerals from this naturally tasty and nutritious treat. 


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