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Can Dogs Eat Bacon?

Can Dogs Eat Bacon?

The long answer: Bacon is a type of salt-cured meat that typically comes from a pig’s belly or back. While dogs need to have a balanced diet of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, they are not equipped to handle bacon because of its high salt and fat content. 

Consuming too much salt could lead to sodium ion poisoning, which could result in excessive drinking of water, excessive peeing, bloating, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, high fever, seizures, and/or death. Consuming too much fat, on the other hand, could result in obesity and pancreatitis⁠—a painful inflammation of your dog’s pancreas that causes digestive complications. Symptoms of the latter include swollen abdomen, lethargy, restlessness, abnormal posture, diarrhea, and/or gagging.  

What to do if your dog accidentally eats bacon: Keep a close eye on your dog and watch for unusual behaviour. If he displays any symptoms of sodium ion poisoning or pancreatitis, bring him to the vet immediately. 

In summary: Similar to ham, bacon may upset your dog’s stomach and/or pancreas depending on how sensitive he is to fat, salt, and grease. If you’re looking for a better protein alternative for your canine, go for lean ones such as cooked chicken and fish. Instead of bacon, discover which human food dogs can safely eat in our “can dogs eat” category.  


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