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Can Cats Eat Sausage?

Can Cats Eat Sausage?

Sausage is a type of minced meat stuffed in a cylindrical tube made from animal intestines. It can be stuffed with pork, beef, or chicken, mixed with fat, and packed with spices. 

The meat in itself isn’t bad for cats since they are obligate carnivores that need animal-derived flesh to survive. However, it is the ingredients used to season the sausage that may be harmful for your pet. Toxic ingredients include salt, garlic, chili pepper, and wine. Signs of cat poisoning include salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, twitching and fitting, breathing difficulties, shock or collapse, inflammation or swelling of the skin, depression or coma, and changes in drinking, urinating, and appetite. 

Aside from ingredients that may poison your cat, sausage also contains sulfites, nitrates, and other preservatives. These can cause adverse effects to your cat if she consumes large quantities of sausage. Additionally, you should never give your cat raw or undercooked sausage as it may contain bacteria or parasites. Vomiting, loose stools, and other digestive issues may manifest after your cat eats contaminated raw sausage. 

What to do if your cat accidentally eats sausage: A tiny piece may not affect your cat, but to be on the safe side, speak with your veterinarian about what your cat ate. Monitor her for the next 24 hours, observing her mood, behaviour, eating, drinking, and litter box habits. Report any changes to your vet. 

In summary: Sausage is a tasty treat that is best left for humans to eat. If you are tempted to give sausage to your cat, only give her a bite-sized piece that is cooked, low-fat, and preservative-free. You can also give her better meat alternatives such as cooked, unflavoured skinless chicken, lean beef, or lamb


Can Cats Eat Sausage? What You Need to Know!

Poisoning in Cats

Can Cats Have Cooked Sausage | Things You Need To Know

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