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Are Pumpkin Plants Toxic to Dogs?

Are Pumpkin Plants Toxic to Dogs?

No, pumpkin plants are non-toxic to dogs.

Used interchangeably with squash and gourd, the term pumpkin refers to mature fruits from cultivars of the Cucurbita plant. Pumpkin plants are native to North America, and are grown not just for their culinary purposes. Its orange-coloured variants have become closely associated with Halloween. However, its slightly ribbed skin may also have other colours such as white, yellow, and green.

Similar to squash, pumpkin plants are said to be non-toxic to dogs. In fact, eating plainly cooked pumpkins may help treat diarrhea. However, your pooch should not bite into or eat the raw fruit as the skin is hard and difficult to digest. Doing so may cause choking or intestinal blockage. In addition, dog parents should also not allow their pets to play with the stems and leaves. 

What to do if your dog accidentally comes into contact with, chews, or eats pumpkin plants: A small bite of the pumpkin plant may not necessarily harm your pet. But if it has been applied with toxic pesticides or fertilisers, contact your veterinarian immediately for advice. 

Moreover, keep your eye on him for poisoning symptoms over the next 24 hours. Digestive issues, respiratory complications, and/or skin irritation may occur depending on the area and gravity of exposure. Watch for diarrhea, vomiting, drooling, nausea, pale gums, agitation, tremors, convulsions, unsteadiness on feet, abnormal heart rate, and difficulty in breathing. 

In summary: Pumpkins may be safely grown in your home as long as your canine pet does not make a habit of eating it. Aside from pumpkin, find out which edible herbs to grow that your dog can eat. Check out these lists by ASPCA, PetMD, and Pet Poison Helpline to determine which ones are safe for dogs.


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