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Is Highlands Goat Milk Soap Cruelty Free?

Yes, Highlands Goat Milk Soap is cruelty free. Highlands Goat Milk Soap uses pure goat’s milk and oatmeal extract to cleanse delicate skin. It was developed by Nice Pak Products, an Australian company that also manufactures babyU and GAIA Skin Naturals. Not only does it sell solid soaps, but also milk lotions and milk washes. … Continue reading Is Highlands Goat Milk Soap Cruelty Free?

Is BabyU Cruelty Free?

Yes, babyU is cruelty free. Launched in 2005, babyU is a brand that produces high-quality products for babies. These include Goat Milk and Nappy Care Range, Toilet Training, and Bamboo Range (feeding accessories). The Australian brand is owned by Nice Pak Products, which also owns Highlands Goat Milk Soaps and GAIA Skin Naturals.  BabyU’s goal is… Continue reading Is BabyU Cruelty Free?