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Can Cats Eat Sour Cream?

Can Cats Eat Sour Cream?

Yes, cats can occasionally eat sour cream in limited amounts.

A type of cream that’s fermented with lactic acid culture, sour cream is a dairy product that is not poisonous for cats. Though this thickened cream is technically safe for cats to eat, it is high in fat—which cats can only handle in small amounts. Too much sour cream may lead to hyperlipidemia, a condition where there is excess fat in the bloodstream. 

It’s also important to note that adult cats cannot handle lactose. Though sour cream only contains a small amount of lactose due to the fermentation process, eating a substantial quantity of sour cream may cause your pet cat to experience digestive issues. Cats that are lactose intolerant may display the following symptoms after eating sour cream: flatulence and excessive gas; diarrhea and loose stools; vomiting; abdominal bloating and discomfort; increased thirst (polydipsia); constipation; dehydration; and dry gums.

How to feed sour cream to your cat: Always get your veterinarian’s consent before letting your kitty try something new. Before feeding, check the nutrition label to ensure that the sour cream you pick for your pet doesn’t contain harmful ingredients such as salt and lemon juice. 

To be on the safe side, serve it plain and in portions recommended by your vet. Limit it to one to two spoons a week based on her size, age, weight, physical activities, and health conditions. 

In summary: Sour cream may be given to your cat in limited quantities. Since this condiment does not contain essential nutrients that will promote your cat’s well-being, it is best to give it to her sparingly. Instead of giving her sour cream, why not feed her fresh fruits and vegetables as treats? Check out our “can cats eat” category to discover which ones are best for her to eat.


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Can Cats Eat Sour Cream? Is Sour Cream Safe For Cats?

Cats and Sour Cream: Can Cats Eat Sour Cream?

Can Cats Eat Sour Cream? Is Sour Cream Bad for Cats?

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