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Can Cats Eat Ryegrass?

Can Cats Eat Ryegrass?

Yes, cats can eat ryegrass in small quantities. 

Ryegrass is one type of cat grass that feline pets can nibble on in limited amounts. Grazing on grass may seem like a peculiar cat behaviour, but in reality, it’s actually a safe way for her to induce vomiting after eating a protein-rich meal. Thanks to its fiber content, munching on ryegrass also encourages bowel movement and decreases the hairballs found in her stomach. Plus, it can even help relieve her stress. 

However, if you notice your cat eating too much ryegrass, speak with your veterinarian. She may be eating it to make up for nutrient loss caused by a gastrointestinal disease. 

How to feed ryegrass to your cat: Speak with your veterinarian before bringing home potted ryegrass or a ryegrass kit. Grow the plant and water as needed, placing it in a container that won’t tip over. When the ryegrass is about two inches high, you can leave it in an area that will encourage your cat to nibble on it. 

Never use chemicals, additives, and pesticides that may harm your cat. If you suspect your cat has ingested ryegrass with toxins, contact your veterinarian immediately. Salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, twitching and fitting, shock, collapse, skin inflammation or swelling, depression or coma, and changes in drinking, urinating and appetite are common symptoms of feline poisoning. 

In summary: Ryegrass is high in plant-based protein and fiber. When fed to your cat correctly, it can help her maintain a healthy gut. Aside from ryegrass, you can also let your cat try wheatgrass and other cat-friendly fruits and vegetables. Check out our blog’s “can cats eat” category for more information.


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