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Can Cats Eat Fish Bones?

Can Cats Eat Fish Bones?

Fish bones are the bony, delicate parts of a fish. Technically speaking, it is possible for cats to eat fish bones, but only if they’re the raw variety and the right size for your pet cat. As a rule, you should only feed bones from fish that are smaller than your cat.

Raw fish bones are soft and easy to digest. And even if any of the bones get lodged in your cat’s digestive system, she can easily regurgitate it. However, giving raw fish bones may expose your cat to harmful pathogens that cause food poisoning. Aside from that, raw fish meat can also trigger allergies in some cats. 

On the other hand, cooked bones are a no-no because of their hard and brittle state. They can easily shatter as your cat chews on them, and lead to airway obstruction as well as mouth, throat, and stomach injuries. 

What to do if your cat accidentally eats fish bones: Observe your cat for signs of choking or intestinal blockage. Internal blockage may manifest as diarrhea, vomiting, refusal to eat, weakness and lethargy, abdominal pain or swelling, cold body temperature, crying, and unwillingness to lie down.

In summary: Do not feed your cat fish bones unless approved by your veterinarian. If you are given the go signal, make sure the raw fish bones you give come from small fish as larger fish bones are more brittle. Keep a close eye on her while she feeds on the bones, and contact your vet immediately for any signs of discomfort.

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