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Are Tulips Toxic to Cats?

Are Tulips Toxic to Cats?

Yes, tulips are toxic to cats.

Belonging to the Liliaceae family, tulips are flowers known for having bulb-shaped petals. They come in a wide range of colours such as pink, red, yellow, and even white. They were originally cultivated in East Asia, and later on became popular in Europe. At present, the Netherlands is known for being the largest producer of tulips in the world.

Both PetMD and ASPCA list tulips as poisonous for cats due to the tulipalin found in them. While this chemical compound can cause dermatitis in humans, it is extremely harmful for cats, dogs, and even horses. The highest concentration of tulipalin is typically found in the flower’s bulb.  

What to do if your cat accidentally comes into contact with, chews, or eats tulips:

Vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and hypersalivation are clinical signs you should watch for if you suspect your cat played with the flower. In addition, she may also display loss of coordination, lethargy, weakness, as well as tissue irritation. The tulipalin also has the capacity to make a cat appear dazed. If large amounts of tulip is consumed, the toxin may damage her liver.

Bring your cat to the veterinarian or animal clinic immediately, so they can assess your cat properly. Observe your feline pet for unusual symptoms, and determine how much of the flower she chewed or ate. The doctor may recommend an IV drip to replace the lost water in her system and make her flush out the toxins through peeing. 

In summary:

Steer clear of toxic tulips if you care for cats and dogs. The flower as well as other parts of the plant contain chemical compounds dangerous for household pets. Before you consider bringing home a bouquet of flowers or buying a new plant, check out the lists created by ASPCA, Pet Poison Helpline, and PetMD. They’ll help you determine which ones are toxic and safe for cats.


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