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10 Paw-Some Dog-Themed Products for Rescue Supporters

10 Paw-Some Dog-Themed Products for Rescue Supporters

A proud pooch parent can never own too many dog-themed products, and a proud rescue pet parent can never support too many shelters! Here are 10 options that will definitely make the cut if you’re keen to spread the #adoptdontshop love, while snagging some sweet goods for friends and family. The best part? These dog-themed products are all from animal rescue shelters, and all the proceeds go to their rescue animals’ food, lodging, and medicine, and the upkeep of their centers.

1 Beagle Rescue Victoria Calico Bag

Fully machine washable, this durable and reusable canvas bag features a beautiful black beagle illustration and the website address of Beagle Rescue Victoria on one side. Fill it up with doggy treats or your pet’s travel essentials. For only AUD 6 and additional postage, you get to show your support for the rescue and Beagle Freedom Australia.

2 Bull Terrier Rescue Australia Inc Singlet

This cream-coloured sleeveless top has a printed design of three bull terriers—the same ones that grace the logo of Bull Terrier Rescue Australia Inc. Sold at AUD 28 each, it comes in a comfortable fit that’s available in small (chest 48cm; length 67cm) to extra large (chest 52cm; length 77cm) sizes.

3 Dingo Den Plushies

Dingo Den is all about saving wild-hearted dingoes. A part of their rescue efforts is to raise funds by selling Australian Dingo plushies, discover experiences, and works of art. Paw parents can choose from five adorable plushies (with prices ranging from AUD 18 to 27) to give to their little ones, such as the tan-coloured Max who’s 28cm in height.

4 Dachshund Rescue Australia Bamboo Eco Flask

For AUD 40 (inclusive of postage within Australia), you can show some love for Dachshund Rescue by purchasing a 450ml double-wall bamboo flask that’s made out of eco-friendly materials. The reusable container can store hot or cold drinks, has a removable strainer, and can be used at the office, gym, beach, and even at the dog park. The rescue’s logo is laser engraved at the top and base of the bottle, so you’ll always remember where your money went.

5 Greyhound Rescue Regal Hound Pendant

Featuring a regal hound’s head silhouette, this shiny silver pendant (AUD 18 plus shipping) would surely delight owners and fans of the breed. An amazing gift idea, this accessory can be worn for any and every occasion.

6 Staffy Rescue Men’s Trucker Cap

Show some love for Staffy Rescue and the Staffordshire Bull Terriers they rescue by wearing this navy blue trucker cap wherever you go! Available in one size (AUD 20), the sturdy cap prominently features the rescue’s name and their mission to rescue, rehab, and rehome Staffies.

7 Friends of the Hound Sling Bag/Backpack

With just AUD 29.95, you can get a sleek black bag that you can either sling across your shoulder or wear as a backpack. An understated embroidered logo of Friends of the Hound sits on the front, which will surely make people curious what the group is all about.

Add some flavor to your plain jacket or breathe new life to an old pair of jeans by stitching this embroidered patch logo featuring the rescue’s mascot, Mini! With just AUD 12, you help support other bulldogs in need. 

9 Greyhound Rescue Graceful Greyhound Bronze Statue

This bronze statue decor is an elegant addition to any home! Place it over the mantel or alongside your books at the study. Available for AUD 75, the statue stands at 22cm and is painted with classic patina.

10 Jack Russell Rescue Tee Shirts

Designed exclusively by Jack Russell Rescue, their 12 adorable designs can be purchased in a variety of shirt styles (fitted, slim, long sleeved, baseball, and more) and colours (black, white, red, and light blue, to name a few). Made from ethically sourced materials, these breathable cotton shirts are sold starting at AUD 20.73 depending on which design you choose.

Which items do you like best? If you can’t volunteer your time at the shelter, adopt animals, or foster rescues, buying products from these online shops is the next best thing to showing your support! Discover other unique dog-themed products you can gift to fellow dog lovers in our blog.

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